Alternative tourism destinations: Poarta iadului din Turkmenistan / The burning gates of Hell in Turkmenistan

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“Poarta iadului” din DarvazaĀ  Turkmenistan este un crater foarte adanc care arde fara oprire de mai bine de 40 de ani. In anii 70 sovieticii au vrut exploatarea rezervelor de gaz din zona dar cand geologii au inceput sapaturile solul s-a prabusit , eliberand calea catre imensul rezervor subteran. Pentru a evita eliberarea unor gaze toxice s-a decis aprinderea craterului in speranta ca se va stinge singur in cateva zile ca in alte cazuri , focul arde si acum , flacara fiind alimentata continuu de gazele din interiorul PamantuluiĀ  , motiv pentru care localnicii denumesc craterul poarta catre iad ,fiind unĀ  fenomenĀ  unic in lume .


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“The gate of Hell” from Darvaza – Turkmenistan is actually a very deep crater that burns without pause for the last 40 years now. In the 1970’s the soviets wanted to exploit the natural gas reserves in the area and geologists started digging , however the soil collapsed giving free acces to the massive gas pocket below. Fearfull of the poisonous gasses released they light the crater on fire , hoping it will go out in a few days like in other cases , but it didn’t. The locals call it the burning gates of hell because of it’s constant flame from the deepness of the Earth , it is trully a unique phenomenonĀ  on Earth.

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