Good games worth playing: Assassin’s Creed Unity English Review

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A great game, one of the few appearances this year that really deserves praise. The  series from Ubisoft continues, after the semi failure of Black Flag’s childish pirate game, the series makes a spectacular come back.  After you have explored Jerusalem and the holy lands during the Crusades; Florence, Venice and Rome during the Renaissance ; Boston and New York during the American War of Independence, the next episode brings us to beautiful Paris during the French Revolution.

Paris is rendered superb, and if you have a system that supports graphics at maximum details you will have some magnificent scenery. As in the other games every street,catacomb and roof of the city can be explored, either at the street level where you can enjoy the various animations of thousands of citizens, or jumping from  roof to roof in free running mode. But not all is reduced to great  graphics, the city’s atmosphere stands out through realism, sounds, events and all the surprises that you find at every street corner, take a moment looking around and you will be very pleasantly surprised if you sit and watch how people spent their time during those times, while in front of government buildings there are large crowds of people protesting against royalty and nobility while looking at improvised scenes on which there is usually a guillotine , in other parts of the city people go on with their own business , craftsman are working , sellers try to attract customers to stalls , a woman is selling newspapers, a dog is looking for it’s owner a cat sleeps on a balcony and an old man with an accordion successfully encourage people to dance in front of the cafe. Numerous monuments of the city are present and explorable , such as Notre Dame, the Pantheon, the faimous prison  La Bastille , the royal palace and the palace of the Louvre, Champs Elysee boulevard  and the magnificent Royal Palace Versailles , where the story begins. The scene with the ball in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles is simply incredible.

Paris 1788


The story   spins around Arno Dorian , the son of an assassin , who is in love with the beautiful Elise De LaSerre, daughter of a high ranking Templar with an important role in national politics. The couple’s adventure  and affairs leads to crime and revenge ,  along the way encountering characters  such as Jacques de Molay or Napoleon Bonaparte.

Glad to see that the gameplay and realism was increased, the main character is no longer able to dive in to a pile of enemy soldiers and kill them all like before, you will think twice before you go into battle with 3 enemies at once and you will consider other stealth methods to approach. Characters have been added and new free-running moves are available , which greatly help in overcoming obstacles or walking on roofs. Sometimes , the character makes short time travels  to other times of the city , briefly experimenting Paris during the Victorian era or under Nazi occupation in World War II.

Unfortunately there are also some bad bugs  , the game’s auto saving system is very bad , so after executing a perfect assassination , but you die when you are almost home free , you have to resume the mission from the very beginning, including the assassination itself, which is very stressful and long. Not to mention the fact that sometimes you fall straight through the floor in to emptiness resulting in instant death.

In conclusion even with the small bugs , it is a great game that excel in graphics, atmosphere, story and gameplay and i rate it with a 9 out of 10. Enjoy the screenshot gallery below.

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