How to change your EU driving license to a UK Driving license

For EU expats established in England UK, the act of changing their driving license in to an English or British one, is often a mandatory step due to work requirements. Possession of a British UK driving license is also the first and easiest way to obtain proof of residence with a picture and address here in England UK. This is one of the few documents accepted by banks, real estate agencies or employers. The others are more difficult to obtain (bank card, local council bil / utility bill or British passport).

The procedure to change your driving license in England UK is fortunately very simple and relatively quick. All official information can be found on the British government website here. As it is clearly written on the website, the citizens of any EU state have no legal obligation to change their driving license and are allowed to drive with the European license until the age of 70. For those who have obtained their driving license in a country outside the European Union, the driving license must be changed to a British license within 12 months of arrival in England UK.

UK change driver license
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Cum se schimba permis de conducere Romanesc in permis de Anglia UK

How to change your EU driving license to a British UK driving license – english article here

Pentru cei stabiliti in Anglia UK, actiunea de a schimba permis de conducere Romanesc in cel Englezesc sau Britanic este deseori un pas obligatoriu datorita cerintelor de munca. De asemenea posesia unui permis de conducere Britanic UK, este la inceput singurul si cel mai usor mod de a obtine o dovada de rezidenta cu poza si adresa in Anglia UK, fiind unul din putinele documente acceptate la banci, la agentii imobiliare sau la aplicatii de munca. Celelalte sunt mai greu de obtinut (card bancar, factura consiliu local / utilitati sau pasaport Britanic).

Procedura de schimbare permis de conducere in Anglia UK, este din fericire foarte simpla si relativ rapida. Toate informatiile oficiale se gasesc pe site-ul guvernului Britanic aici. Dupa cum scrie clar si pe site-ul Britanic, cetatenii oricarui stat din UE, nu au nici o obligatie legala sa isi preschimbe permisul de conducere si au voie sa conduca cu cel European pana la varsta de 70 de ani. Pentru cei care au permis de conducere obtinut intr-o tara din afara Uniunii Europene, trebuie obligatoriu schimbat permisul de conducere in permis Britanic in maxim 12 luni de la sosirea in Anglia UK.

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How are taxes and salaries in Romania compared to the west?

How do taxes in Romania compare with those in the West, is it true that we pay more and earn less than those in France, UK or Germany? Let’s see:

  • England, UK, average annual salary £ 31,300 (€ 37,250). The first £ 12570 earned are not taxed. Only from what you earn over 12 thousand, up to 50270, 20% tax is taken by the British government. If one of the partners earns less than 12570 per year, the other has a tax reduction. National minimum wage: £ 9.5 per hour (€ 11.3), or roughly £ 1600 per month;
UK income taxes
  • France, EU – the average annual salary in 2021 was € 39,300. The first € 10084 are not taxed, from what is over 10 thousand to 25710, 11% is taken, and from what is over 25 thousand to 73 thousand, 30% is taken by the French government. In France, the tax is calculated on the combined income of the family, each adult is considered as a unit, and each child as a half of unit. So, if you have a family consisting of 2 adults and one child, and only one of the partners works, his annual income will be divided by 2.5, and then it is observed where he falls within the tax grid. It’s quite possible that he ends up paying no taxes at all. The national minimum wage in France is € 10.25 per hour, or about € 1763 per month;
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Cum se compara taxele si salariile in Romania cu cele din vest?

How are taxes and salaries in Romania compared to the West? ENGLISH Article HERE

Cum se compara taxele si salariile din Romania cu cele din Vest, e adevarat ca platim mai mult si castigam mai putin? Haideti sa vedem:

Anglia, Marea Britanie 🇬🇧 salariul mediu anual 31300£ (37250€). Primii 12570£ castigati nu sunt impozitati. Doar din ce e peste 12 mii, pana la 50270 se ia impozit 20%. Daca unul din partneri castiga mai putin de 12570 pe an, celalalt are o reducere la taxe. Salariul minim national: 9.5£ pe ora (11.3€) , adica cam 1600 lire pe luna;

Taxe pe venit in Anglia, Marea Britanie

Franta 🇫🇷 , salariul mediu anual in 2021 a fost 39300€. Primii 10084€ nu se impoziteaza, din ce e peste 10 mii pana la 25710 se ia 11%, si din ce e peste 25 de mii pana la 73 de mii se ia 30%. In Franta impozitul se calculeaza pe venitul combinat al familiei, fiecare adult se ia ca parte intreaga, si fiecare copil ca jumatate de parte. Astfel ca daca intr-un cuplu cu un copil, doar sotul munceste, se va imparti venitul lui anual la 2.5, si dupa se observa unde se incadreaza in grila de impozitare, fiind posibil sa nu plateasca nimic. Salariul minim pe economie 10.25€ pe ora , adica cam 1763€ pe luna;

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Canada in timpul pandemiei, A meritat?

Aveam de mult in plan sa mergem in vacanta Canada, inca de pe vremea cand locuiam in Franta. Nu parea ca mergem nici anul acesta datorita pandemiei. Dar intr-o zi am vazut o stire cum ca se dau drumul la vacante in Canada pentru cei vaccinati de pe 7 Septembrie 2021. Asa ca am programat din timp concediu la munca pe 15 Septembrie, asa sa nu fim chiar primii in aeroport la deschidere.

Prima problema de rezolvat: in caz ca nu ati observat este o pandemie globala in desfasurare. Dar suntem dublu vaccinati si avem si certificat de recuperare Covid. Conform site-ului guvernului Canadian nu o sa avem nici o problema, dar unii angajati de la aeroport au alta opinie, vom reveni mai tarziu. Oricum cerem certificatul verde de pe aplicatia NHS , vedeti aici cum. Aplicatia genereaza un certificat digital cu QR code, valabil 30 de zile deci puteti cere documentul oricand inainte de zbor. La cerere puteti obtine prin posta si o hartie oficiala care sa ateste ca ati fost vaccinat. Noi le-am luat pe amandoua sa fim siguri. In Canada pe langa faptul ca nu veti fi admis in tara sau in avion daca nu sunteti dublu vaccinat, nu veti putea intra in nici o cafenea, restaurant, bar, cinema etc daca nu aveti dovada ca sunteti dublu vaccinat cu un vaccin autorizat (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna ,AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, Janssen/Johnson & Johnson) – vedeti mai multe aici.

A doua problema de rezolvat: concediul nostru este la mijlocul lui Septembrie, realizez ca pasaportul meu expira pe 1 Noiembrie. Ma uit repede pe internet daca este o problema, cateva site-uri de agentii de voiaj zic ca trebuie sa ai minim 6 luni valabilitate pe pasaport. Evident sunt niste idioti si scriu niste afirmatii care sunt de fapt mai mult sfaturi. Intreb pe chat un consultant de la British Airways. Dupa 45 de minute de asteptat raspunde Raji din India, si imi zice sa ma uit pe site-ul oficial al guvernului Canadian sau pe siteul Asociatiei Internationale a Transportatorilor. Acordam lui Raji si echipei de suport British Airways premiul pentru cei mai inutili oameni de pe fata pamantului. Din pacate nu e ultima oara cand se va intampla asta, si chiar observam un tipar in acest comportament.

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Immigration from EU to UK England after Brexit – Work and Family paths – Who can do it and how?

It seems that some people still don’t understand that the UK has left the EU and that you cannot enter England after Brexit without having to answer to border officials regarding the purpose of your visit. So let’s see what are the legal ways to come to England after Brexit if you do not have a residence permit (aka Settled Status).

First of all, you can say goodbye to any thought of visiting England and looking for work during your visit. Many were refused entrance in to the country at the airport on a PERMANENT basis if the customs officers even sniffed that you came to work and not just to visit. The British authorities started asking EU nationals for a return ticket, proof of accommodation during the visit and proof that you have enough money to sustain yourself for the duration of your stay. If you’re lucky enough, nobody will ask you anything at the airport, but are you really willing to take that chance and risk flying for nothing?

In addition, all (legal) British employers and all employment agencies are now required by law to request from candidates the so-called “share code” which is an internet link generated by the UK government’s website to the page proving that you are resident in England UK. It doesn’t matter if you have Settled or (Pre) Settled Status, they both give you the right to work and live in England. I explained in the last article how to apply for Settled Status. The deadline to apply for residency was June 30, 2021 (there are very few exceptions in exceptional cases for those who live in England before 2021 or have family here but did not have time to apply before June 2021, the list of exemptions is here). But let’s say you still want to come to England and you don’t have a NINO, residency or any work history or studies in the UK. Let’s see what options you have:

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Imigrare Anglia dupa Brexit cu contract de munca sau Reintregire Familie – Cum si cine poate?


Se pare ca unii tot nu au inteles ca Marea Britanie a iesit din UE si ca nu se poate intra in Anglia dupa Brexit fara sa te intrebe nimeni nimic. Asa ca haideti sa vedem care sunt caile legale de a veni in Anglia dupa Brexit daca nu ai rezidenta (Settled Status).

In primul rand luati-va revedere de la orice gand de a veni in vizita in Anglia si cautat de munca aici in timpul vizitei. Multi au fost intorsi la aeroport si refuzati intrarea in Anglia UK PERMANENT daca vamesii au mirosit ca ai venit la munca si nu in vizita. Autoritatile Britanice au inceput sa ceara bilet de intoarcere, dovada de cazare pe perioada vizitei si dovada ca ai destui bani de cheltuit pe perioada sejurului. Poti sa ai norocul sa nu te intrebe nimeni nimic la aeroport, dar chiar risti sa vii doar in baza asta?

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Is it better to live in Germany or UK on the long term? Why?

The war is long over, but who won in the end, Germany or UK England? Historians say that the United Kingdom and the Allies, but the modern reality on the ground says otherwise. In addition to official data, we will also look at the experiences of those who actually live in these two countries. I live and work in the UK – England since 2018, and my friends here have been living in various areas of England (London, Manchester) for more than 6 years. I have not lived in Germany personally (just in France) so I asked friends who have live there for research material. Three of them responded, out of which one is a doctor in the Dusseldorf area for 11 years, one works in retail in the Stuttgart area for more than 15 years and one came more recently (3 years) also in Dusseldorf metro area to work in the hospitality sector. Here is what I gathered from all of it:

  • Wages in Germany were already considerably higher than in the UK even before the Brexit referendum, which led to a decline in the value of the pound sterling, and this trend will continue in 2022. In 2020, the average gross wage in Germany was of EUR 47928 or GBP 40866 (at today’s exchange rate). In England UK – the average salary in the country is about 30000 Pounds per year or 35180 EUR at today’s rate. And the pound might continue to fall in 2022 due to the lack of strategy on the part of the British government and the general lack of management of the entire Brexit process; It is true that you pay more taxes in Germany, but even so, your NET income for the same job will still be higher there, no matter how you look at it (there are of course exceptions).
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Germania sau Anglia UK – unde e viata mai buna si de ce?

Is it better to live in Germany or UK on the long term? Why? English Article HERE

Razboiul s-a terminat de mult, dar cine a castigat pana la urma, Germania sau Anglia UK? Istoricii zic ca Anglia si Aliatii, realitatea de la fata locului zice altceva. Pe langa datele oficiale, ne uitam si la experientele celor care chiar locuiesc in aceste doua tari. Noi locuim in Anglia din 2018, nu am locuit personal in Germania asa ca am intrebat prieteni care locuiesc acolo de multi ani, intrebari cu privire la urmatoarele aspecte:

  • Salariile în Germania erau deja considerabil mai mari decât în ​​Marea Britanie chiar si înainte de referendumul Brexit, care a dus la o scădere a valorii lirei sterline, iar această tendință va continua în 2022. În 2019, salariul mediu brut în Germania a fost de 47928 EUR sau 40866 GBP (la cursul de astăzi). In Anglia UK – salariul mediu pe tara, este aproximativ 30000 Lire pe an sau 35180 EUR la cursul de astăzi. Și lira e posibil sa continue să scadă în 2022 din cauza lipsei de strategie din partea Britanicilor și a lipsei generale de gestionare a întregului proces Brexit; Este adevărat că plătiți mai multe taxe în Germania, dar chiar și așa, salariul dvs. NET pentru aceeași loc de munca va fi totuși mai mare acolo, indiferent de modul în care îl priviți (exista si exceptii evident).
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How is cycling in UK? Is the Bicycle reliable?

We’ve all heard that England is a friendly country towards cyclists, but what’s it really like cycling in UK England? After years of hesitation, I finally mustered the courage to buy a second-hand bicycle. On fb market, I found this baby for just 60 pounds. Not bad, right?

Bicycle in England UK

I haven’t ridden a bike for many years, but I slowly worked it out. First through the local neighborhood, and then through the city. For a beginner cyclist, I must admit that the road infrastructure for cyclists and the car driver’s behavior is very encouraging. There are literally everywhere segregated routes from car traffic for bicycles, clearly marked dedicated lanes that are usually physically separated by some kind of barrier (green space, curbs, stanchions, etc.). But by far the most encouraging factor is the behavior of car drivers towards cyclists in UK England. Every time or at least 8 out of 10 cases, when they see you approaching an intersection, they slow down or come to a complete stop and signal you to pass. And if you have to share the road with cars, the drivers stay calm behind you until the opposite lane is clear, and then they overtake you with generous clearance to the bicycle. That is, without horns, close calls overtaking, without harassment, verbal abuse, etc, you know the usual in Romania and East Europe in general.

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