How the other half lives: Karachi – Pakistan

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Pakistan- un stat tampon , creat artificial sub imfluenta britanica intre Iran si India , pentru a separa populatia indiana de religie musulmana de restul Indiei in speranta de a calma comflictele etnice , o natie de 180 de milioane de suflete , unde Karachi este principalul port si orasul cel mai mare. Am avut ocazia de a il vizita de mai multe ori la ultimul voiaj , dar niciodata nimeni nu s-a incupatat sa iasa din port afara in oras , mai ales cand stirile roiau de atentate cu bomba recente in oras. Desi PIB-ul si resursele tarii sunt impresionante , toata averea este tinuta in mana elitei coruote , majoritatea oamenilor traind intr-o saracie crunta , supravietuind cu cativa dolari pe zi , sau din agricultura sau pescuit. Pescuitul aici consta in mersul in larg cu zilele in niste barcute mici de lemn , foarte nesigure , fara nici un fel de sisteme electrice sau conditii de dormit , care deseori le evitam la limita de pe nava. Portul Karachi , este unul foarte neplacut , in sensul ca dubleaza ca o canalizare si groapa de gunoi deschisa , in fiecare zi adunandu-se un volum masiv de gunoaie pe suprafata apei , si un miros pur si simplu imputit , accentuat de caldura golfului Persic.  Am cunoscut totusi si oameni de treaba aici , nu multi dar sunt. Nerecomandabil o vizita pe aici in viitorul apropiat ( de altfel nici in India ).

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Pakistan – a buffer state created artificially under British imfluence between Iran and India , to separate the¬† Indian Muslim population from¬† the rest of India , hoping to calm ethnic comflicts , a nation of 180 million souls , where Karachi is the main port and largest city . I had the opportunity to visit the city several times on the last voyage , but nobody had the courage¬† to leave the port and go outside the city. Although the GDP and the country’s resources are impressive , all wealth is held in the hand corrupt elite , most people living in appalling poverty , surviving on a few dollars a day, or in agriculture or fishing . Fishing here consists of getting¬† in some small wooden boats and going far away from shore , very unsafe , without any electrical systems or sleeping conditions , these small boats we often narrowly miss with the big ships . Karachi port is very bad , in the sense that it doubles as an open sewer and landfill , every day on the water surface there is gathering¬† a massive amount of garbage¬† , which simply smell very bad , and the smell is augmented by the Persian Gulf heat¬†¬† . I met nice people though¬† here , but not many . I wouldn’t recommend a visit here any time soon (neither in neighboring India , while we are on the subject)

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