s-a marit TVA-ul si aparent si restul chestiilor care nu au nici o legatura/ Bigger VAT and apparently everything else

[english version below]

Da de azi 1 iulie s-a marit TVA-ul cu 5% si s-au micsorat salariile bugetarilor cu  25% …nimic nou pana aici , si totusi cand am iesit din casa de dimineata , am observat imediat un semn ca tigarile sunt cu 1 leu mai scumpe , deci cumva conform calculelor unor indivizi 5% din 10 lei este egal cu 1 leu, benzina e pe undeva la 4,56 lei litrul….no coment. De asemenea la mai toate produsele aflate la vanzare in orice magazin s-a rotunjit pretul ca sa dea suma mai frumoasa si mai fixa ajungandu-se in practica la mariri de 6-7-8 , unii mai nesimtiti chiar 10%! Nu este de ajuns ca ne fura guvernul trebuie sa ne jegmaneasca acum si toti smecherii care au buticuri si alimentare. In alta ordine de idei se pare ca la mule inteprinderi  le-a placut cum suna reducerea aia de salariu de 25% , si daca au cea mica tangenta sau dependenta cu statul taie si ei din salarii ca sa “se comformeze” ca na e criza. Si totusi lucrurile se desfasoara normal , nimic nu s-a schimbat in viata de zi cu zi , traim intr-o tara de cacat dar stiam si asta de mult , mai nou se reimfiinteaza si partidul comunist , inca o zi obisnuita in Romania cu alte cuvinte.

[english version]

Today the first of july the VAT tax has been raised by 5% reaching 24% and all state emplyees will have they’re wages cut by 25% ..nothing new so far , and yet when i got out this morning the first thing i saw was that a pack of cigarettes has been raised by 1 RON from 10 to 11 RON …so 5% out of 10 RON= 1 RON ..very interesting , gas from today is also about 4.56 RON per liter. Also it seems that every product in stores and supermarket is now more expensive but not with 5% but rounded up to make a nice sum by the shop owners , reaching a rise of 6-7-8 sometimes even 10%!! So it’s not enough that the gouverment is stealing from us now we have to be robbed by every shop owner ? Digging around some more it seems that the salary reduction of 25% was very appreciated by other companies who have very little or no contact with the state , but have declared to cut salaries in order to cut they’re own loses , since the contracts with the state were affected….or not , but why not profit from the hole crisis phenomenon. But life goes on , nothing is changed in day to day life, we live in crap country but we already knew that , also the Communist Party is making a reappearance … just another normal day    in Romania.

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