Which country is better to live in: UK or France? Why?

So the eternal question and rivalry on the old continent: Which country is better: England, UK or France? Well, I lived in Marseille France, and than I moved to Hull, England, UK. It’s hard to say which is better to live in, and depends a lot on what language you speak , the region you are in and your job.

Both are somewhat problematic cities, with high unemployment figures and bad local reputation, so I might not be in the best position to judge these countries. (Or I might be in the perfect position to show the truth of each country, depends how you look at it)

In general, if you look only at the numbers and stats, life in France (if you speak French) is indeed better than life in England, UK. Everything from the weather to salaries, geography , location, infrastructure and social benefits is indeed better on the main land. It was not such a big difference before, but the gap has widen considerably since the result of the 2016 Brexit referendum and it will continue to do so unfortunately. Let’s see why:

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What do the Romanians in the UK think about Brexit, their lives here and if it’s still worth coming here

Romanians in the UK and Brexit, feel like this is the only thing I have been hearing over the news for over year now. Officially the United Kingdom left the European Union on the 1st of February 2020, but we have a transition period until the 1st of January 2021. Until than the EU free movement of people and goods rules still apply, same as before. So we are not going to see any major changes until than.

The Romanian Embassy in London assures us Romanians that entry into the UK will be allowed same as before, just with your EU identity card or valid passport (at least until December 31, 2020). Neither the right to work and live in the UK will not be affected until the end of the year 2020, so theoretically anyone coming here during 2020 should have no problem working and applying for NINO. The Embassy also encourages all Romanians living in the UK to apply for Settled Status by the end of 2020.

I asked the Romanians who are already here what do they think about this whole situation with Brexit, how it affects them and whether it is still worth the trouble to come here. We are after all about four hundred thousand people in this country. I initially did a survey on one of the most numerous fb groups of Romanians in the UK asking what Romanians would do if the economy of the UK takes a hit and the Pound decreases in value to Euro levels.

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UK NINO – How to get it and how long does it take to get it?

I notice that this is a wanted topic and in spite of Brexit (which apparently will not be happening), the world still wants to come here. NINO is the equivalent of our Social Security Number, and without it, you basically do not exist in the UK (England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland). You need it in order to pay your taxes and social contributions, and without it you can not work legally and you can not benefit from social or medical services. I will tell you how my experience was and the steps I took to obtain the NINO (National Insurance Number) in the UK.

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UK NINO – cum se face si cat dureaza?

UK NINO – How to get it and how long does it take to get it? ENGLISH Article

Observ ca e un topic cautat si in ciuda la Brexit (care se pare ca nu va mai fi), lumea inca vrea sa vina aici. NINO este echivalentul la CNP-ul nostru, si fara el practic nu existi in UK (Anglia , Scotia sau Irlanda de Nord). Prin el iti platesti taxele, impozitele si contributiile sociale, si fara el nu poti munci legal si nu poti beneficia de servicii sociale sau medicale. Va voi spune cum a decurs experienta mea si pasii necesari pentru obtinerea NINO (National Insurance Number) in UK.

Imediat cum ati ajuns in tara si aveti un telefon de UK si o adresa unde puteti primi in siguranta posta (nu conteaza ca e doar temporara), puneti mana pe telefon si sunati la 0800 141 2075 . Banuiesc ca stiti Engleza, daca nu, macar sa aveti pe cineva langa sa va ajute. Sa aveti pregatite din timp si la indemana, adresa , codul postal, numarul de telefon si numele complet dictat pe litere. Dupa ce intrati in legatura directa cu un functionar, va va intreba:

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UK Immigration: How much does it cost to relocate to England?

So you are thinking of coming to England and UK Immigration? Well if Brexit didn’t scare you off, here is a guide and a detailed list of expenses from my experience coming here. By the way, from the looks of it, as far as EU citizens are concerned there is nothing to worry about after Brexit. Things will pretty much carry on as usual for those who are already here before the end of 2020.

It’s now my second time moving to another country. My first experience was relocating to Marseille France. That time I had a lot of support from my employer with aspects and costs of relocation. In comparison now in England, I basically made it all on my own. Here is a chronological list of the expenses needed for immigration to England, UK. All costs are calculated for two persons as I emigrated with my girlfriend:

Airplane Tickets: in my case: Bucharest – Manchester 286 EUR / 255 GBP (Great Britain Pounds) through Brussels Airlines, the price included 2 large hold luggage and one transfer in Brussels. Although we had the intention to take WizzAir’s low-cost company, we were surprised to find that the fares were more expensive on their website. It seems that all the Romanians are turning to this company lately and considering the fact that the fare price is calculated according to demand, you may find lower fares at the big airlines instead.

Attention: If using a Low-cost company, the price does not include hold luggage and must be payed separately. Be also very considerate of your final destination! The train in UK is very expensive if you buy the tickets on short notice, and the train ride from one of the airports near London to the city where you need to go, could turn out to be more expensive than the plane tickets;

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Emigrare in Anglia: Cat te costa sa te muti din Romania in Anglia?


Te gandesti la emigrare in Anglia? Nu te-a speriat brexit-ul inca? Te-ai saturat de Romania, mai ai sperante si rezisti? Felicitari daca da! Sa-mi zici cand te dai batut. Eu unul m-am saturat sa tot astept si mi-am recunoscut faptul ca pe parcursul vietii mele in Romania nu o sa se schimbe nimic in bine, asa ca mi-am facut bagajele iar si am plecat.

E pentru a doua oara cand ma mut in alta tara. Daca prima oara in Franta, am avut foarte mult suport de la companie, acum in Anglia am luat-o total de la zero numai pe banii mei. Iata o lista cronologica cu cheltuielile mari necesare pentru emigrare in Anglia,calculate pentru doua persoane:

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