After visiting a large part of Europe, I present you my top 10 of the most beautiful cities that have left a memorable impression. The top is composed only of the cities I visited, I’m sure there are other beautiful cities out there that I have not yet had the chance to visit. For these I’m waiting for your suggestions in the comments section. We have included only the cities that have preserved their character and authentic beauty, not including those who have sacrificed their personality just for the sake of tourism (I can give Venice as an example of this)

10 Paris – France

I wasn’t sure if this city deserves to be included in the top because it can also easily be included in the list of the most overrated cities to visit and depending on the area you stay, it can also be included in the list of the most dangerous cities to visit. In principle, the French capital lives on the laurels of the past, but although the city of lights doesn’t shine so bright as it used to, it is still quite bright and appealing. The central area that you see as a tourist is still very beautiful and an example of urban planning to be looked up to. Also, the city offers a very large concentration of attractions that will keep you busy for at least a week, so it’s always a safe bet for a successful holiday. Protests, strikes and locals who do not speak English and who do not stand criticism towards their city or their country, all make sure you get a really authentic experience. (see London vs Paris article HERE.)

9 Valletta – Malta


Salerno – Italy review

Un oraş pitoresc  în sudul Italiei, Salerno îşi păstrează  arhitectura medievala si centrul istoric. Strans între munţi şi mare oferă vederi  si peisaje minunate oriunde te uiţi. Arhitectura vech a cladirilor de la baza muntelui intra in contrast cu podurile si autostrada moderna suspendata la inaltime pe munte.. Şi fiind un adevărat oraş italian, atmosfera este la fel de frumoasa cum este si enervanta uneori.

In fiecare zi de la 12 la 16:00 orasul moare, nimic nu se misca si toate magazinele isi inchid  uşile în timpul orelor de siesta, asta înseamnă că daca aveti cateva ore libere ziua pentru vizitat totul este inchis! Un alt fapt enervant este că nu există absolut nici o casa de schimb valutar în jur, şi bineinteles ca nici un magazin  nu va accepta  alte valute (cum ar fi dolari SUA) şi pentru un motiv tampit nicio bancă nu  schimba valuta ….abia am gasit cu greu un exchange in posta centrala, e ca si cum ti-ar spune  feţa “Dispari , nu iti vrem banii de turist !! “, si se mai mira de ce le merge economia asa prost.
În general, un loc frumos pentru  vizita, în special în lunile de vară, atunci când este plin de turisti tineri, in plus tineti minte ca orasul antic Pompei este foarte aproape.

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La Spezia – Italy

La Spezia – a port city located in the north-west of the Italian peninsula , near Genova. It’s a double resort , in the summer tourists come to the beautifull beaches located near the city and in the winter the close distance to the Alps make it a great place to go skying. The city is sorrounded by mountains , at sea level there is a mediteranean feel and as you go up , get’s a mountain feel look. Great city worth stopping if you’re in the area.

ps: because it is Italy after all some Romanian immigrants were sure to be found , i found them in port lashing containers on the ship i was on 🙂

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photos part I: port entrance & sea promanadeitalian Alps

Cathedral Plaza


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