UK Points-Based Immigration System – 2021 How does it work?

As you know, on first of January 2021, Brexit finally materializes, the UK leaves the European Union (more like crashes out without a trade deal it seems) and the UK point-based immigration system comes in to immediate effect. The right to free movement, work and live in UK of Romanians and all other EU nationals who are not already established in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland) will cease immediately. That is, those who do not already have a Settled or Pre Settled Status residence permit, and want to come to the UK will have to follow the UK point-based immigration procedure.

This procedure is very similar to the immigration procedure in Canada, Australia or New Zealand and unfortunately it is just as rigorous as it is in those countries. The system does not apply to those who are already established in the UK by the 31st December 2020. But in order to be established you must already have a NINO and proof of residence, which unfortunately at the present time is impossible to get. It is currently only issued in exceptional circumstances. (e.g. for medical staff or those who come to work in care homes).

On the British government website we can see the official procedure: from the start we see the clear message: Only sponsored skilled workers who have a job offer and know English will be able to immigrate and permanently relocate to the UK! Without these requirements, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the minimum 70 points required by the UK point-based immigration system. That basically means that the good old days, when anyone from Europe just came to the UK with just a backpack, looked for a room to rent on fb market, and got work anywhere they could, all that is now over!

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How to find a ship position

For anybody who has family, friends or a boyfriend on board a ship out there on the high seas , now you can easily find and track they’re ship position at any time online. This is done using the AIS (Automatic Identification System) signal of the ship , which some sites track for free. There are several sites on the internet that do this , however i recommend , a free of charge site with an easy to use interface.  I present you below an example how to find a ship anywhere at any time. (You only need to know the ship’s name or it’s IMO number )

1. This is the home page , in the upper right corner you will see a search box

pozitia navei / ship position

2. Type the nave of the ship you are looking for , if there several ships with the same name , select by the type of ship

3.You will reach the ship’s dedicated page , here you will find in the left column details about the ship’s length, tonnage, age of ship , MMSI code, flag. A little further down you can see the port from which it left and the next port it’s going to along with the ETA (Estimated time of arrival) to the port. Scroll down further and you will see a separate window on the left that contains information about the ship’s position and the time when the ship’s position was last updated. If the ship is out at sea, the ship’s position will not be in updated in real time due to the fact it relies on shore receivers. You will see there also a button called “see live on map” . Click on it to see the ship’s position on google maps.

4. Track your ship live on the map , in this case the ship is underway from AU BNE (Brisbane, Australia), going to NZ AKL (Auckland, New Zealand). You can find out easily what each port code means on this site HERE. On the right window we see in this example that the latest position was received a day before on the 10th of July 2019. You can see also on the graphic map that the ship is already very far away from any shore, so the crew does not have a signal to their mobile phones. To speak with your loved ones on board, the ship has to be very close to a populated shore.

[Click pic for big]

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Cum sa afli pozitia navei

for English version article ON HOW TO FIND SHIP POSITION click HERE

Pentru toata lumea care are un frate , amic , prieten , iubit sau iubita plecati pe mari si oceane in caz ca nu stiati astazi exista diferite metode de a afla pozitia navei sale si pe unde umbla respectivul sau respectiva , fie ca vreti sa stiti din motive de siguranta , curiozitate sau “de control” sa zic asa.

Orice nava din lume este obligata sa care in ziua de azi un transmitator AIS (Automatic Identification System) , acest transmitator emite un semnal ce contine numele navei , pozitia navei si destinatia urmatoare , si tot acest semnal poate fi captat de alte nave , statii de coasta dar si de radio amatori care intra pe frecventa potrivita. Exista pe internet site-uri care capteaza aceste semnale si le transpun pe o platforma de genul google maps. Pe internet exista mai multe site-uri de genul ,  dar preferatul meu este , un site gratuit , simplu , cu o  interfata usoara.

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