How is life in Hull? England – UK Impressions after 3 years as Expat

[Cum e viata in Hull? Anglia UK – Impresii dupa trei ani ca Expat]

Four years have passed since we left France and immigrated to England, UK. I wrote about life in Hull once before HERE , it was my first impressions after the first month of living in Hull . At that time I was not planning to stay in the city of Hull , but the pandemic and Brexit greatly reduced the opportunities for work and relocation. Now at the time of writing this article, I left Hull for some time, but I can’t say that I intentionally wanted to leave. If I would’ve gotten the job I wanted there, I’d would’ve probably settled there permanently. I didn’t leave because I had a bad life there, so to speak, but you can do better than Hull. I think this is probably the short story of the city.

Don’t get me wrong, the city of Kingston upon Hull, known simply as Hull after the river Hull that runs through it’s by no means the worst place in England, but it’s quite… limited both in size and in mentality. After all, the population voted 67.6% for Brexit, and shortly after the implementation of the referendum result, one of the two ferry lines to Europe from the port (Hull – Zeebrugge) was permanently closed and the other laid off without notice 800 British employees via video conference to replace them on the same day with Asians and agency workers so….

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Mentalitate gresita de profesori , una din rotitele stricate ale sistemului

“Profesori care nu au calcat la ore????? Probabil ca s.or fi plictisit sa va tot astepte de fiecare data sa veniti mai mult de 5 la un curs”
” Saracutii de voi…voi, niste tocilari, nu ati avut material de studiu.”
“intotdeauna de vina este studentul, nu elevul.”
“Nu tovarase, unii nascut sa fie profesori ca tu sa ai de unde sa inveti. Stai tu linistit ca au destula imbarcare, ca nu stii tu e fix a ta problema. Iar ca sa ai experienta nu trebuie sa navigi 100.000 de mile, ”

Citate ale unui cadru didactic apartinand unei facultati de invatamant superior specializat in domeniul

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