Chisinau – Moldavia – Review

For a long time I wanted to make a visit to the neighboring country across the Prut river and now I had the chance to do it. It started out as usual in a discussion after the fourth beer at bar when we got the brilliant idea to go to Chisinau – the capital of Moldavia , and because today we have smart-phones and mobile internet we checked on the spot how to get thereĀ  by bus and accommodation and on the third morning after we were on the road with one person less who changed his mind at the last minute. From Constanta to Chisinau there are daily bus runsĀ  with Wi-Fi and air-condition that leaves Constanta at 21:30 and arrive there at 6:30 and the trip costsĀ  60 RON (18 USD)…. yes, only 60 RON for a tripĀ  of 500 km, the same money that we pay for a trip of 225 km on straight highway from Constanta to our capitalĀ  Bucharest.

All of this is becauseĀ  we are in Romania, where it is “better” and the diesel is more expensive. In Moldova a liter of diesel costs at the present momentĀ  4.3 RON and 4.52 RON regular petrol per liter at Rompetrol gas station, so is basically the same fuel we put in our cars , isĀ  not some cheap importedĀ  Russians fuel to say they have any betterĀ  price deal , theĀ  difference in price between the two countries is made byĀ  our greedy governmentĀ  and state that pushes the price of petrol up throughĀ  totally unjustified and even ridiculous special taxes (Eco tax , alignment with European prices and other junk), I think I’d rather put this article in the category “Romania – shit country“…

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