Good games worth playing: Assassinā€™s Creed Unity English Review

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A great game, one of the few appearances this year that really deserves praise. TheĀ  series from Ubisoft continues, after the semi failure of Black Flag’s childish pirate game, the series makes a spectacular come back.Ā  After you have explored Jerusalem and the holy lands during the Crusades; Florence, Venice and Rome during the Renaissance ; Boston and New York during the American War of Independence, the next episode brings us to beautiful Paris during the French Revolution.

Paris is rendered superb, and if you have a system that supports graphics at maximum details you will have some magnificent scenery. As in the other games every street,catacomb and roof of the city can be explored, either at the street level where you can enjoy the various animations of thousands of citizens, or jumping fromĀ  roof to roof in free running mode. But not all is reduced to greatĀ  graphics, the city’s atmosphere stands out through realism, sounds, events and all the surprises that you find at every street corner, take a moment looking around and you will be very pleasantly surprised if you sit and watch how people spent their time during those times, while in front of government buildings there are large crowds of people protesting against royalty and nobility while looking at improvised scenes on which there is usually a guillotine , in other parts of the city people go on with their own business , craftsman are working , sellers try to attract customers to stalls , a woman is selling newspapers, a dog is looking for it’s owner,Ā  a cat sleeps on a balcony and an old man with an accordion successfully encourage people to dance in front of the cafe. Numerous monuments of the city are present and explorable , such as Notre Dame, the Pantheon, the faimous prisonĀ  La Bastille , the royal palace and the palace of the Louvre, Champs Elysee boulevardĀ  and the magnificent Royal Palace Versailles , where the story begins. The scene with the ball in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles is simply incredible. Continue reading “Good games worth playing: Assassinā€™s Creed Unity English Review”

Good games worth playing: Deus Ex Human revolution – review

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Deus Ex Human revolution – unul dintre cele mai bune jocuri din 2011Ā  (pana acum) are cam tot ce trebuie pentru un joc bun: grafica frumoasa , poveste solida , atmosfera captivanta , si gameplay lejer. Jocul are loc in viitorul apropiat si se imvarte in jurul unui subiect foarte disputat: cercetarea biomedicala , mai exact augmentari artificiale ale corpului uman. Personajul principal este Adam Jensen , seful securitatii la Sarif industries ,una din cele mai mari corporatii ce se ocupa cu asemenea augmentari , care in urma unui atac i se instaleaza multe augmentari pentru a i se salva viata. Dupa o recuperare completa pornind in urma atacatorilor da peste o conspiratie globala , drumul sau ducandul din Detroit la Shanghai si la Montreal , fiecare personaj are o personalitate si un trecut complex mai descifrand o bucatica din puzle , dar si din propiul trecut.

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