Saint Tropez excursie cu masina / Saint Tropez road trip

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Vara se apropie rapid si o mini vacanta era ocazia perfecta de a face o excursie pe Coasta de Azur spre Saint Tropez. Dupa ce am vizitat toate obiectivele turistice din Marsilia si imprejurimi, am vrut sa mergem cu musafirul nostru cu trenul pe Coasta de Azur , dar din pacate programul imprevizibil presarat cu greve spontane al putorilor franceze ne-a taiat aceasta optiune. Un alt incomvenient ar fi fost faptul ca trenul nu ajunge pana in Saint Tropez , ci doar spre Toulon sau spre Nisa , de unde trebuie luat un autocar local.

De la Marsilia spre Saint Tropez nu sunt decat 150 km , dar trenul daca nu cumperi biletele din timp poate fi destul de scump. De pe o zi pe alta poti sa dai si 50 de EUR de persoana pe o astfel de distanta parcursa cu trenul, asa ca am luat in considerare inchirierea unei masini. Din pacate si aceasta varianta poate fi destul de scumpa daca nu faci rezervarea din timp , dar pentru 3 sau 4 persoane masina in general se merita. La firma Thrifty un Renault inchiriat pe o zi a costat 60 EUR  + asigurarea care pe internet costa 37.5 EUR … dar noi am luat-o din birou de la ei cu 60 de EUR pentru ca….. (fara aceasta asigurare sunteti dispus sa platiti 1000 de EUR daune chiar si pentru cea mai mica zgarietura) , la care trebuie sa adaugati si costul benzinei care o consumati (masina trebuie returnata cu rezervorul plin asa cum o luati) , si costul parcarii pe unde mergeti deoarece rareori in Franta veti gasi parcare gratuita. In Saint Tropez la una din parcarile subterane centrale am platit cam 16 EUR pe 3 ore. Masina , daca o inchiriati din timp si pe mai multe zile poate fi foarte ieftina , chiar si 25-30 de EUR pe zi, asa ca va recomand sa faceti din timp decizia.

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Saint Tropez road trip France

[Saint Tropez Franta- articol in Limba Romana AICI]

The summer is fast approaching and a small holiday was the perfect opportunity to take a road trip on the Cote d’Azur towards Saint Tropez. After visiting all of Marseille’s sights and surroundings, we wanted to go with our guest on a Côte d’Azur train trip, but unfortunately the unpredictable running schedule sprinkled with spontaneous strikes organised by the French SNCF lazy workers deprived us of this option. Another inconvenience would be that the train does not go all the way up to Saint Tropez, but only to Toulon or Nice, from where you have to take a local coach the rest of the way.

From Marseille to Saint Tropez there are only 150 km, but even for this distance, the train can be quite expensive if you do not buy the tickets well in advance. If you get a ticket today for tomorrow you can also spend around € 50 per person on such a train ride, so we’ve considered renting a car to make the trip.

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First 48 days as expat in Marseille

One and a half months ago, I was packing my baggage to go to the airport again, only this time I was not leaving to board a ship for 5 months, but to a new job and a new life. I explained in great detail why I wanted to quit sailing in the much controversial and popular own article “After six years at sea”, so after the last voyage I made the final decision to look for something to work on land. I have ill spoken a lot about our country Romania (and for good reasons considering that people are working for 300-400 EUR / month and the government is ripping you off on absolutely every step of the way!) and I have seen too many beautiful and civilized places in this world during my voyages to ever settle there, so the only option left for me was to become an expat and luck had it to be in Marseille.

Most of my  CVs were sent in English-speaking countries, especially in the UK, but since the whole Brexit phenomenon, most companies  have been reluctant to hire East Europeans. Fate decided that the lucky interview would land me in Marseille, France, a city of which I did not know much about , in a country whose language I ​​vaguely understand and speak. It was this or other positions somewhere in South Africa or Mexico so guess what I chose.

I only had sea experience on my resume so the only way to make the transition to land was to remain in the maritime business. I will not say the name of the

company, but being in Marseille I think it’s not that hard to guess. So I reserve the right to comment and engage in any talk about shipping, especially since I now have access to a more general view of the system, not just on the spot perspective from the ship, I will come back with details from the job on another occasion.

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