London or Paris? Which is the better city to visit as a tourist?

The eternal question and rivalry on the European continent: which is better: London or Paris? France or England UK? I know you are tired of Covid, but let’s hope that 2021 will be better and we will be able to travel again.

Although Europe has many wonderful cities, few have the power, prestige, size or wealth of these two rival capitals. There is of course also Madrid, but it’s just not quite in the same league. Vienna and Amsterdam are very beautiful but quite small, Istanbul is huge but leaves much to be desired, and Berlin is …just Berlin I guess.

I had the pleasure of visiting both capitals over time. Paris in 2009 long before we moved to France, thanks to my sister, to whom I wish to thank once again, and London in 2018 before moving to England.

But let’s start with the beginning: after we landed we made our way to the hotels, both in somewhat peripheral areas and this was the first impression we had of the cities:

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The London Week

[Citeste acest articol in Limba Romana AICI]

Probably the last of the great capitals that I have not been able to visit until now. It was in my plan to visit for a long time and I even had the plane ticket to London bought in the past but due to unfavorable circumstances I could not go. We left from Marseille, where we are now, and with Ryanair, we paid for 2 people return tickets just 97 EUR! Long Live Ryanair! The plane drops you at Stansted Airport which has a direct train connection to London. The train journey takes about 40 minutes and cost us 30 pounds (2 people). We arrived in London at Liverpool Street Station, one of the many giant train stations of this 10 million-strong metropolis. Getting out of the train and crossing the central corridor of the train station at rush hour, the atmosphere is simply overwhelming. Thousands of commuters traverse in a hurry between the subway and the numerous platforms that serve the suburban trains. But fortunately, the many signs, screens and information points make your life easy. We found our way to the subway entrance, we only had to find the platform of our line, which is not easy considering the fact that there are 4 subway lines serving this station.

The use the public transport, you will need an Oyster card, which is a universal card that is valid on the subway, train and bus, and prices for it may be shocking. The city is divided into 9 zones, and rates vary according to the number of zones you will cross. Avoid as much as you can buying one-time use tickets, they are the most expensive with rates starting from 5 pounds per trip. Better buy daily or weekly passes. To reach our hotel located in zone 4, we bought 2 weekly passes with unlimited trips valid in areas 1 to 4 for which we paid “only” 108 pounds (54 pounds per person). Fortunately, this is the only big expense you will encounter,  during the rest of the holiday I had the pleasant surprise to discover that everything is cheaper here than in the South of France.

To reach our hotel near the Wembley Stadium, we used the Metropolitan Line, which is one of the newest line. It has large spacious trains lines and runs in express mode with few stations along the way. But even so, to get from center to area 4 to Wembley, we rode the train about 40 minutes across 20 kilometers (and just think the city has 9  areas just to make an idea of ​​how big it is). All trains in the London underground are clean, have air conditioning through which fragrant air circulates and come with upholstered seats, small details that make other underground subways networks such as Marseille Metro look like buses in Africa.

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O saptamana in Londra UK

The London Week ENGLISH Article HERE

Probabil ultima dintre capitalele grozave  care nu am apucat sa o vizitez pana acum. Era in plan de mult timp si chiar am avut biletul de avion catre Londra cumparat in trecut dar datorita unor circumstante nefavorabile nu am putut merge. Am plecat din Marseille unde stam acum , si cu Ryanair am platit 2 persoane dus intors doar 97 EUR! Traiasca Ryanair-ul! Avionul te lasa la aeroportul Stansted care are  tren direct catre Londra. Calatoria cu trenul dureaza cam 40 de minute si ne-a costat 30 de lire (2 persoane). Am ajuns in Londra la gara Liverpool street station , una din multele gari uriase ale acestei metropole de 10 milioane de locuitori. Iesiti din tren si traversat catre coridorul central al garii in plina ora de varf , atmosfera e pur si simplu coplesitoare. Mii de navetisti traverseaza in graba intre metrou si numeroasele peroane de trenuri suburbane. Dar din fericire numeroasele indicatoare, ecrane si puncte de informare iti fac viata usoara. Ne-am gasit drumul catre intrarea in metrou, mai trebuia doar sa gasim peronul liniei noastre , lucru deloc usor tinand cont ca sunt 4 magistrale care trec prin aceasta statie.

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