So what is the cost of living in England? Salaries are probably higher than in your home country, but so are the costs. Is it true that some people are are living hand to mouth here? … In some cases yes, but most are living just fine. The cost of living in England is quite good compared to wages, although the pound is dropping quite fast since Brexit… We already established in the previous article that food costs in the UK about the same as in countries in East Europe, so from the start you are at an advantage. Let’s see what costs and expenses we have in England:

  1. Accommodation: by far the biggest expense you will have will be securing a roof over your head. Unless you bring along around 150 to 200 thousand pounds to buy your own house, you will most likely rent like most people. The rental expense depends a lot on where you are. In general in the South of England (London, Southampton), and especially in London, to rent of a house costs double or triple compared to renting a similar house in the North of England (Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster, Hull, Newcastle). If in the North you can easily find a house of your own at 500-600 pounds per month, in London on the website, the only rental house located in a decent area that is less than a thousand pounds per month was in Brentwood (one hour by car or train + subway to central London)

Expat Beginner’s guide to Relocation to France

[Ghidul Imigrantului de mutare in Franta]

Are you considering a Relocation to France? Well you’re not alone. Relocation to France is among the top European destinations for expats, alongside England and Germany. They either leave to go looking for better paid work, to take recognized studies or simply to retire and enjoy the lovely Mediterranean weather. I’m sure in every country the accommodation process is different, I’m going to tell you how it was for us here. France is not exactly a country that makes your life easy when you are new comer: the bureaucratic system is remarkably similar to the one in my home country Romania,  and not in a good way. It is lengthy, slow and requires lots of running around and patience to get the essentials papers you require. But let’s start with the beginning:

1.Cash and initial accommodation. I am starting from the premise that you are leaving your country with a secured job and your visa status is OK.  If you go to any country without a clear source of income you have a good chance that you will just wander a little around and return to your home country  as soon as the money runs out.  First of all , make sure you take enough cash to survive a month or two until you find decent accommodation. Without  2000 EUR in your pocket,  do not even consider a relocation to France. Secondly, be sure to take your Identity Card, Passport, Birth Certificate in Original and be sure to make a translation and a legalized copy of it before you arrive. Here it costs around 50-60 euros to make a legal translation of this document; Marriage certificate, divorce certificates if you have , all translated, a few ID size pictures of you, and if the company will not provide accommodation (permanent or temporary) you should start to look for cheap hotels in the city. A hotel or guest room if it’s booked in advance and for long term (one month or two) can be relatively inexpensive, costing anywhere between 15 to 40 EUR per night.

2. A local phone number: This is the easiest step to accomplish and you will need it to complete all the next steps. We have chosen the operator  Lycamobile, which offers for 15 Euro per month unlimited calls in France and 3 GB of internet traffic. In order to buy the SIM card, you will usually be required to present an ID for the number registration. Once you have the card, you can recharge it directly from the internet for 10 Euros, getting the same phone and data packet. Take great care not to lose the number and card, because on this number you will be registered with the bank and other institutions. In France there are also famous mobile operators like Orange, but they have incredibly expensive pricing on subscriptions (€ 20-40 per month).

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Romania tara de cacat – Taxi Constanta – sfaturi turisti 2017

Pentru toti turistii care ajung la mare si vor folosi taxi Constanta aveti foarte mare grija. Probabil veti trece prin zona Gara CFR veti fi sigur intampinati de soferi amabili dornici sa va ia unde vreti sa ajungeti. Edit 2020: Tin sa va anunt ca puteti evita experienta mea de dedesubt, pentru ca acum avem Uber la Constanta. Am folosit anul acesta (2020) cand am fost in tara, si este excelent! Daca nu sunteti fan Uber sau alte aplicatii, va las sa savurati experienta de dedesubt cu taxiul:

Fiind din oras si fiind din intamplare la gara si fara nici un chef de a lua transportul in comun am zis sa iau un taxi cu destinatia Sala Sporturilor (centru). Este o distanta de 2,5 km , o cursa care si noaptea costa maxim 10 lei. Dialogul a decurs ceva de genu.

[soferul vazand ca vin din directia garii , evident a crezut ca nu sunt din oras]

-Buna seara , pana la Sala Sporturilor va rog.

-Da seful , 30 de lei.

-Pardon ?? sunt din oras stiu cat face cursa.

-aa , te iau pentru 20 atunci

-Da , nu multumesc , nu o sati dau 20 de lei pe o cursa de 10.

-Pai da seful da aicea suntem privati

-Aha , si aia neprivati pe unde sunt aici la gara?

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