After the previous article of TALES OF THE PAST: UNIQUE PHOTOS FROM CONSTANTA PARK AND PARK LINE 1991 we have a further perspective of the public transport in the city of Constanta, Romania in 1991, shortly after the anti communist revolution. The Constanta tram system, although it had very good coverage of the city, was already old and degraded at that time. Unfortunately, the trolleybus network was in about the same situation. However, if we look at the map of the city public transport, with a few exceptions, all of Constanta city had electrified public transport. Quite admirable compared to today’s times.

harta tramvai si troleibuz Constanta

Mr. Ray Wilkinson, the author of the pictures, a British tourist visiting Romania in 1991 The British tourist testified to us that in Romania of 1991 shortly after the anti communist revolution, the communist old habits were still in use. In the Mamaia resort or in the area of ​​the Tabacarie Park or around the Train Station, nobody told him anything and folks were willing to help him. However, when he reached the tram depot at the end of the line 102 and began to take pictures of the trams, someone quickly came over and escorted him to the office. There he waited until someone who spoke English came and asked him why he was taking pictures. He calmly explained that he is on vacation and is a tram enthusiast. Seeing that he is not a reporter or anything else, he was quickly released.

Constanta tram line 101 streetcar
Constanta tram at train station streetcar
Constanta tram at Mamaia resort streetcar
tramvai 100 satul de vacanta constanta 2
tramvai 100 gara constanta / streetcar tram
tramvaiul 100 Constanta / streetcar tram
depou tramvaie Constanta / tram depot
102 sat vacanta tramvai Constanta / streetcar tram at Mamaia turning circle

We also a have a few photos of Constanta Trolleybus network

troleibuz 47 Constanta trolleybus
troleibuz 40 gara Constanta trolleybus
pescarie troleibuz Constanta trolleybus
Troleibuzul Constanta Pescarie
Mamaia troleibuz Constanta trolleybus
gara CFR troleibuz Constanta

I would like to thank once again Mr. Wilkinson with all my heart for the pictures. He has also provided pictures of the now extinct Tram and partially extinct Trolleybus network from Brasov city, Romania. The photos were taken during the same vacation in Romania of 1991. I promise a future article about this will follow at some point.

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