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What is something that you can do in Romania that a person in the United Kingdom cannot do?

The UK is a great country with lots of nice places, but unfortunately some things are just out of reach because of nature. In my country, Romania, you can’t do a lot of things due to financial limitations, but you can do however a whole lot of other things like:

  • Go to the beach and enjoy a nice 32° C (90 F) degree sunny day with a beer in my hand, then if I get too hot, take a dip in the Black Sea, where the water in the summer is 22° C (72 F). After bathing, I can stay on the hot sand to dry while watching an endless parade of local girls that look like models pass by. After a superb day like this, I can come back the next day and repeat. I can do this for 2.5 months and almost never have to worry about rain, grey skies or wind; You can do it for an extra 2 months if you don’t mind sitting on the beach on slightly lower temperatures like 25° C (77 F). In England, last summer we had just one single day when the temperature reached 30° C, the summer average is 21°C (70 F), while the maximum sea temperature at nearby beach resort of Scarborough is a chilly 17° C (62 F).
Girls in Romania
  • Go outside and enjoy the 4 seasons of the planet. Go out during the winter and see actual snow, let your kids build a snow man, or head to the nearby ski resorts for a weekend of skiing or snowboarding. Having a cup of mulled wine after a run down on the ski slope …it’s just an excellent experience. (In UK there is practically no snow. Only exceptions are in during rare weather conditions and in some remote parts of Scotland).
  • Rent a property and not be forced to pay on top of the rent, also the owner’s local property taxes for him. Which at 135 pounds per month is not cheap at all!
  • Go to any village and buy off the side of the road, from a local, cheap seasonal fruits and vegetables that actually taste like fruits. You have never experienced the taste of food until you have a tasted a local-grown, chemical-free plum, tomato or strawberry. It is simply divine.
Romania home grown strawberries
  • Live in a busy cosmopolitan capital (Bucharest) and be just 2-3 hours away by car, from both superb beaches in the summer, and excellent winter ski resorts in the winter.
Bucharest Distances
  • Buy a country house (less than 30 minutes away from the city) with a huge land plot , and enjoy your retirement with your own vegetables, fruits, without breaking the bank. Here is one with 3000 sq meters (32292 sq feet or 0.74 sq acres) for less than 50000 EUR. In UK something like this would costs between 100000 to 200000 GBP for the house alone!

What do you think, what can a person do in your country that you can not do in the United Kingdom? I am waiting for your opinions in the comments section or on the Fb page You can also drop a like there to subscribe to future articles or even share this article to others. Thank you.

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